Global Health Insurance

Global Health Cover Designed Especially for People Living Abroad

 Living abroad can be an exciting experience, but obtaining superior healthcare abroad can be a challenge, and you can’t rely on public healthcare schemes, as they either don’t exist, or often provide inadequate cover.  Furthermore, medical evacuation to another country providing a higher level of medical care is often necessary. This can cost tens of thousands of dollars significantly impacting on your financial position and security if you’re not adequately insured.  Statistically, the likelihood of accident, injury or illness occurring while abroad in unfamiliar surroundings is much higher.  You’ve worked hard to get to where you are both financially and in your career.  There’s no need to expose your health or your finances to this kind of risk.

Global Healthcare Insurance has been designed specifically for expatriates and their families worldwide.  Global Healthcare will protect you from financial loss by providing you with immediate access to top-quality medical, surgical and emergency facilities worldwide whenever you need them.

 Global Healthcare Limited administers this insurance policy on behalf of a panel of A-rated insurance underwriters led by Lloyd’s London.  The financial strength and security provided by these insurance companies assures you that in the event of an accepted claim your expenses will be paid promptly, and you will also receive the highest possible levels of service.

Global Health Insurance Plans Available

With the vast array of international health insurance and personal protection products marketed worldwide by individual companies, we offer the unique service of independent consultation. We have researched the various insurers and represent those healthcare plans, which simply provide the best coverage for the best price. The other major criteria is that high quality underwriters who support them. We are constantly on the lookout for new players in the field.

All consultations are free of charge, regardless of whether any business is underwritten as a result. We do not charge our clients any additional fees. Whether or not you choose one of our policies, our consultations remain free of charge. Should you choose to sign up for coverage, our commission will be obtained directly from the insurer. GlobalHealthCover has refused to become an exclusive agent of any one international insurer. Acknowledging that no single insurer is ideally suited for every potential client, we act as independent agents, which enables us to offer a broad – and unbiased – range of products.

As your independent consultant, we are not tied to any one insurer, thus guaranteeing our exclusive loyalty to you, the client. While causing our insurers some unease by providing two competing plans, we insure that our clients’ needs are best addressed. You could call us a one-stop international insurance center.

Return Home Cover

At the time you decide to return to your Home Country on a permanent basis, we can offer to extend your Global Healthcare cover.  To be eligible for this Return Home Cover extension you must inform Global Healthcare Ltd prior to your return to your home country and you must pay the premium that applies to the country you’re returning to.  Please contact your representative if you have any further questions.

How to Apply for Cover

Complete the Application Form in full, then forward it to your Global Healthcare Representative.  After your Application and payment are processed we will forward your Certificate of Insurance and Assistance Card to you immediately, together with a Policy Booklet and Claim Form.